Set Sales with Costumes…sometimes

A lot a production companies choose to have sales at the end of the show to liquidate the stock and recoup some of their losses. We can usually really benefit from these sales by taking advantage of some super deals.

I was just at the Alcatraz sale a few weeks ago and picked up some cool things for next to nothing. Got a few clamp lamps, a feather pillow, some face cloths and this fantastic cake display unit. All things that I needed, or at least I needed them once I saw them!


As I walked up to the studio building that the sale was to be held in, they were just in the process of ripping out the set that was the outside stairs overlooking the yard of the prison. It was all made of huge blocks of styrofoam, that was painted so well that you’d never think it wasn’t concrete.

This sale had a huge amount of 60’s furniture, office furniture and stuff that you’d see in a prison in the 60’s. It was almost spooky. There was even a wedding dress… I must have missed that episode. I made some of the costumes for this show and did many alterations for them. It was strange to see the boxes of left over scraps that I gave back after cutting a costume sitting there for sale, and the racks and racks of costumes that had been made especially for the show. Easy come, easy go…. Did I mention how sad I was that this show didn’t get picked up for a second season? It was fun to work on. Great costume crew.

I always seem to have great luck with lamps at these sales.  A few years back I was at a set sale where I picked up these awesome wicker type decorations. I made both of the ones below into working lamps by buying the little lamp fixtures at Ikea and fitting them into these two shades.


I Call the red one shown above ‘my Dr Seuss Lamp’.Image

I also pick up this cool decorative steal box with sticks in it… Toopi my cat just loves this thing. She hides behind it as though she’s in a jungle or something.


I haven’t had much luck in the costume side of these sales, because actresses are generally a bit smaller than I am, but I have found many fantastic pairs of shoes! And really… isn’t it all about shoes anyway?



About Costume People

We are two women with over 30 years of combined experience in making costumes for film and television. Even after all these years we still love the thrill of seeing our creations in close up on the big screen. Now it's time for us to share our expertise.
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