Quilters Show Off

The Lions Gate Quilters Guild has a lot to show off.  They are 143 dedicated members strong and every other year they organize a wonderful display of their cumulative talent.

As a costume maker and general all textile enthusiast I take every opportunity available to see this sort of exposition.

This years ‘Album of Quilts’ show was held on June 8th and 9th and it did not disappoint.

Even though the planning, mounting and administration of this event is handled on a completely volunteer basis the show has an air of professional handling and care.  Here’s a picture of two of the members Boudina and Janis as they “change the guard” at chair #6!

Great care (white gloves are included with entry) is taken to preserve the condition of every textile on display.  The show is run like a well-oiled machine.

Some of my show favourites………….

‘Yaletown’ by Elaine Anderson – the buildings are made up of stripes of coloured and striped silks.  I love the shifts of colour within the spheres.

‘Welcome to my Teaparty!’ by Marika Dauberman,  executed from a pattern by Nancy Hieronymus Barrett – The high contrasts of colour and sheer wimzy is delightful.  And I’m always drawn to any sort of beading used as embellishment.  I’m a bit like a pack rat that way.  Glints of metal, glass, crystal, beetle wings, celluloid…..I gravitate toward all of them!  But this comes with a warning.   Before you take on a long beading project make sure you have a yoga practice in place, and chiropractor on staff!

‘Blueberry Latte’ by Becky West – If I’m making a quilt for my own home I am soundly in the traditionalists camp.  ‘Blueberry Latte’ (aside from sounding like an excellent beverage) fits all of my preferences – pale ground with high contrast pattern made in a long established quilting tradition.  Lovely!

The quilt show had so many wonderful entries but this next one hit me on several points.  It shows great originality – intense work – and………..it has a story from the heart.  For me it is best in show.  ‘The Measure of Life’ by Susan Germain –

There have been five occasions in my life when I have sat bedside at a Hospice for family or friend (often knitting) and this woman’s quilt really touched me in my soft places.

I’ve got plenty more I will eventually say about quilts and the quilting techniques I’ve used in a number of costumes for Stargate Atlantis, Defying Gravity and a TV pilot Fallen – but for this entry for this day I’m going to let Susan Germain’s quilt have the last word.     – Deborah

About Costume People

We are two women with over 30 years of combined experience in making costumes for film and television. Even after all these years we still love the thrill of seeing our creations in close up on the big screen. Now it's time for us to share our expertise.
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2 Responses to Quilters Show Off

  1. These quilts are glorious! Reminded me of the fabulous exhibition at the V & A a couple of years ago which left me staggered!

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