Memories of 13th Warrior (Eaters of the Dead)

Leslie – Your blog entry really brought back memories for me all day.

Initially the costume designer was a lovely woman named Olga Dimitrov.  I still have a series of the sketches that she produced for characters.  The costume designer position changed twice more before principal photography began.  This meant that we produced three times the number of costumes needed.  The shop became so busy that 8 extra cutters were hired to help with the workload.

The incredible woman’s apron that Olga designed (and I mentioned in a reply to Leslie’s entry) was so beautiful….but don’t look for it in the movie – it never made the cut – and parts of it were eventually re-cut into other costumes.  Angela Dale produced a magnificent cape – it was a slow afternoon and she just picked up pens and started drawing on the hide side of a very big fur skin.  She started with Celtic style knots and animals and just went wild – it was soooo beautiful…Again though – don’t look for it in the movie – it was covered in breakdown mud and we never see it.

I love this movie industry for the opportunity to create such amazing items.  A lot of creative talent and detail oriented techniques go into creating the wardrobes for many films.

The 13 Warriors were a fine bunch of acting chaps from all over the world.  Their camaraderie was magical.  If they had managed to catch ‘that’ on film there might have been a movie worth the price of admission.  We met them and fitted them for costumes before they all went off to Viking Warrior Boot Camp on Vancouver Island.  The highlight for me was the opportunity to meet Omar Sharif – an elegant gent indeed.

There were so many costumes and it was so long ago now – but I certainly met an impressive amount of workshop talent.  Slavica, Ruth, Vivian, Lise, Angela, Melanie, Kieu, Kim, Krishna…..and so many many more – I still work regularly with many of these people.



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